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Without any healthcare or billing experience. Let's take a moment to discuss who plays a pivotal role connecting talent with opportunities. Recruiters are more than just matchmakers; they are career mentors. They guide you through the job market maze, offering personalized advice, and helping your professional journey.

Recruiters bridge the gap between dreams and reality. They connect talented individuals with organizations seeking their unique skills, creating a symbiotic relationship that propels both candidates and companies forward.

Ever felt like a job description was written just for you? That's the magic of recruiters who meticulously match your skills, aspirations, and values with the perfect career opportunities, ensuring a win-win scenario.

Recruiters are the trendsetters, keeping a pulse on industry demands and market dynamics. Their insights help both candidates and employers stay ahead of the curve, fostering a culture of innovation and growth.

Recruiters are advocates for your success. They champion your cause, highlighting your strengths and potential to employers. Your success is their success, and they genuinely care about your professional journey.

In a world of constant change, recruiters are the steady hands guiding individuals and organizations through transitions. They understand the evolving landscape and help you adapt, ensuring long-term success.

Our goal is to show you how this service is accomplished and rewarded.

Welcome to The Recruiters Manual!

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Learn how to contract staff using The Recruiters Manual

Connect With Healthcare Professionals

Your Step-By-Step Guide to becoming an Independent Recruiter

Covid-19 has severely disrupted the employment industry. Did you know this disruption has changed the way corporations are hiring? Contract Staffing is exploding under the radar! This program will train you or your company on how to add income using contract staffing.

Start your own Business

This course provides all the material you’ll need to start your very own Staffing or Recruiting company. All you have to pay for is the course, office space, and digital software. Create that stream of income that you’ve always wanted.

Become an Independent Nurse Partner

Let’s provide the training and assist with your staffing. Utilize our office services for free when you purchase the course. Include your agency as a partner and have the opportunity to travel and participate with our corporate team.

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Weekly Industry Insights

Ability to Work Independently or Grow Your Business


How does this work?

The Recruiters Manual is straight to the point. Each time a job placement is made there's an opportunity to collect a service fee. This fee for service is paid to either a recruiter or company. We’ll show you how to become the one who receives this fee. Purchase the book or take the entire course bundle that includes everything you need to get started.


TRM Online

National Staffing Services is a company that provides training and qualified staff to corporate entities. TRM was designed to provide the training and material that recruiters need to function independently. This program offers access to contracts, software, office support, and internal job boards. Purchase your course today or give us a call!  

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The Recruiters Manual explains how job placements are made. Employment placement services are utilized by corporations world wide. Take a brief look at why companies use National Staffing Services.

You don’t have to be a Nurse or Doctor to start your own agency

TRM course

Course Material Included

Federal Contracts Advisor

Roberta, RN/MSN

Real Results

Chief Financial Officer

Tiara, MBA/MSA

How to start contract staffing

Most company directors believe they’re people-centered, that they relate well to others and that their communication skills are excellent. However, in today's fast-paced business world, not everyone has the time or the skill required to oversee people as a resource. Staffing agency’s can fulfill this role by helping a company determine its staffing needs. Staffing firms find the qualified talent and hires the person on contract for a specific job at a particular pay rate. The deal is with the recruiting firm.   

The client company offers the position. The contract staffing agency handles the thinking, recruiting, paperwork, and the payment. This TRM Course explains every step in detail so that you’re included and connected to this lucrative industry!

We would like to show you how this is accomplished and why this service is in high demand. "The Recruiters Manual" course bundle from National Staffing Services allows an independent recruiter to get an enormous head start.

The average start up cost for a staffing agency is $250,000 without pre existing contracts.


This book will help you appreciate your role in the staffing and recruitment industry. Not everyone can fit the ideal candidate for the correct position. Take a look at our method.

  • Step-by-Step guide
  • Sample Contracts
  • Job boards
  • Customizable contract and Agreement letter
  • TRM Membership

More Information

TRM Course

Be proficient in managing people and connect with our contract agency. This course will help you understand all activities within the staffing and recruitment industry. Manual included!

  • Instructional videos
  • Customizable Legal Contracts and Agreement letters
  • Step-by-Step guide
  • Recruiter Certification (optional)
  • TRM Membership

TRM Course Bundle

The healthcare industry will always have shortages. There’s no fear of competition. Purchase your course now and put yourself in business for the future of contract staffing. This program includes over 20 hours of content and learning material. Here are just 5 examples of what’s included.



  • History and fundamentals of the Staffing/Recruiting Industry
  • Material, files, and equipment for your office
  • Niche markets to consider
  • Independent Nurse Contractor
  • Setting your bill and pay rate



  • When, Why, and How to outsource
  • Building a team you can count on
  • Outsource to Success
  • Outsourcing Secrets
  • Common Outsourcing mistakes


Linked In Business

Through an agile approach, we’ll create a roadmap to completion. This is where your services will really come to life.

  • Restricted Nursing and healthcare
  • Staffing Software
  • Nursing Specialties
  • Payroll, Taxes, and Insurance
  • Going beyond online and social media


Blockchain Technology

Smart contracts are here to stay. We will show you what you need to know and the businesses to consider.

  • Adding value to your business
  • Proof of Work
  • Proof of Stake
  • Eliminating third parties through technology
  • Faster Transactions


Tracking, Reporting, & Growing

Having the right software is important for organization and audits. During this section we will discuss automation, CRM, ATS, Types of Contracts, and Telegram.

  • Top 5 Travel Contract locations
  • “How to get your foot in the door”
  • When to Utilize National Staffing Services
  • Being an Agent/Independent Recruiter VS. Business Partner
  • Technology and Quality Assurance

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TRMcourse Price list

TRM Membership Benefits

Every course purchase will include a membership number.



Gives you access to our job orders, marketing content, and contracts.



From our financial department to our skilled healthcare professionals here on the frontline.



Earn cash for every referral and develop income using our customized platform.

"Purchasing this course was a game changer" - Alex, Senior Recuiter

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“The courses offered within this program has changed my career”

Write-Off additional staffing related cost!


What’s included in the TRM Membership?

The TRM Membership provides access to several exclusive job boards that most companies don't want advertised. Major corporations usually advertise jobs internally before posting to public job boards. We discuss this in detail, as a member you will have access to jobs that are not always publicly viewed. As a member you will also have access to customizable contracts, office support, and conferences. We have an entire team dedicated to assist you.

What if I'm already a Recruiter?

Whether you're already working in healthcare or an HR professional looking for your next step, becoming an independent recruiter with National Staffing Services could be the perfect career move. Let's start by saying-this company was created by a traveling healthcare professional with corporate connections across the country. TRM will give you access to this diverse team of individuals that have successfully proven this method. Understand Covid-19 from a healthcare staffing standpoint.

How do I get started?

We're thrilled you’re interested in becoming a member. Unfortunately we're only providing access to individuals who have a paid membership. That said, we have plenty of openings for you. Sign up, In-person courses are held twice a month.


Not only are healthcare staff in demand, but because of the medical nature and specialized training required for clinical roles, specialized recruitment companies are essential in discovering and connecting properly trained talent for this essential, skilled work. Not just anyone can take a job in healthcare, but anyone with drive can learn the skills to become a proficient healthcare recruiter. Even though we service multiple industries, healthcare is what we know best. Now may be the time to find an industry, learn the material, and do for self.

If you are one of the millions who has found themselves unemployed in 2020, or had your business negatively affected during the pandemic, healthcare recruitment is one industry that will be more in demand than ever. Feel free to reach out. To request more info, please contact our support team.